Improve your French – bonne idée!

Maximize skiing time while improving your language skills. Do you sometimes feel frustrated by the time “wasted” riding up the lifts?

Linda, a former UK secondary school language teacher, will speak French with you on the chairlifts. While taking in the views, you will practise general conversation, such as:

– conversing more confidently with the locals
– understanding the météo
– going shopping and ordering meals in restaurants
– learning useful skiing vocabulary and expressions
– and/or practising MR VANS TRAMPED verbs to help you talk in the Past Tense!


“Lessons” are tailored to your own needs and at your level. A summary of the lesson will be emailed to you so you can practise at your leisure.


Something for non-skiers too?

Linda teaches French to many budding linguists in Serre Chevalier and particularly enjoys extending her tuition services to those on holiday too. A great idea for non-skiers? Read more here.

Contacting Linda

You can contact Linda by sending her an email, click here.