“Hooray I’m not cooking!”

Self-catering means time and effort when cooking for just the two of you, or for a group of friends or family. We are lucky to know two fabulous chefs who will deliver delicious home-cooked meals for you to reheat and eat along with fresh produce bought the same day.

Our ‘fresh delivered meals’ service is flexible and brilliant value for money for anyone looking to make the most of their holiday. You know how long it takes to buy food, plan menus and do the cooking! We work with Carol and Rick who cook up heaven in the form of tasty savoury dishes and fabulous desserts, either as a one-off for a special evening or as a package e.g. five evening meals, leaving you two nights to try a restaurant and/or grab take-away pizzas.

How do I book catering and delivered meals?

Catering and the food you choose is personal and for that reason we recommend you contact us directly for the latest menus and pricing information. Our relationship with our suppliers is such that we can produce tailormade catering solutions for you. You tell us what you want and we will reply quickly with all of the information you need.

Can you do some shopping for me?

We do this all the time. Many of our guests arrive very late in the evening and we organise whatever they need so that young children can have a midnight feast to celebrate arriving and parents can relax with a cup of tea. Whether it’s a simple loaf, butter, jam and a bottle of fresh milk for breakfast, or a ‘big’ shop that’ll keep you going all week, we’ll get it organised and with no fuss.