Bouncing on castles, sliding in parks

It’s impossible to keep our children indoors whatever the weather. Take a look below at what children can do in Serre Chevalier, the natural playground for kids as well as adults!


Babies & Toddlers

Warm indoor pools (Saturday morning baby hour), thermal spa from nine months old, lakes with beaches and lifeguards, bio-lakes, play parks, open fields with flowers, rides on the cable cars and chair lifts, Easter Egg hunt, village train, snowy gardens and snowmen, sledging, forest walks, bouncy castles and play parks, the list goes on and on…!


Children (4-12 years)

Jungle parks, thermal spa, mountain lakes with beaches and lifeguards, outdoor swimming pools, bio-lakes, climbing, walking, mountain biking, Mon-Fri summer club (loads of activities and themed days), old village oven bread and biscuit making, festivals, souvenir shopping, go-karting, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, summer fair (May-June), sight-seeing, circus (July/August), cable car rides, village train trips, skiing and snowboarding, sledging, bum-boarding, ice-skating, bouncy castles, play parks and trampolines, treasure hunts, fireworks, waterfalls, …