Cryotherapy in Briançon – what’s it all about?

Go Cryo, the first Whole Body Cryotherapy Centre (WBC) in the resort of Briançon-Serre Chevalier was created by Leo Meyer, an osteopath with 20 years experience, to enable sportsmen and women and the general public to benefit from an innovative and highly effective treatment.

The centre has been designed as a haven of health and relaxation. To compliment the Cryotherapy space, there is a relaxation area, and treatment spaces. In addition to the Cryotherapy, there is a Normatec® pulse leg recovery system, a therapy that is very popular with athletes for lactic acid drainage. The clinic also offers complementary drinks. A team of health professionals will also be available to advise clients on Cryotherapy and their general health and well-being.


Cryotherapy, long used by top athletes, is well known for its effectiveness in the fields of sports, health and well-being and is increasingly recognised by the medical profession. Following extensive research, we have installed an electric chamber, which as opposed to liquid nitrogen Cryo Saunas enables whole body immersion. The temperature is between -100 ° C and -120 ° C and a session lasts around 3-5 minutes.


What can it help with? 

Sport: Cryotherapy is renowned for helping with both sports training and recovery as well as enhancing performance and reducing sports injuries. It enables sportsmen and women to get in shape more rapidly and achieve better performance.

Health: This “drug-free” treatment provides an impressive range of health benefits. It is well known for its ability to reduce symptoms in joint and neurological diseases such as polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis and osteoarthritis. It is also useful in helping post-surgical and post-traumatic recovery. It can also help skin diseases, sleep problems, depression, and vascular problems.

Well-being: After a session your skin is rejuvenated and toned, and you feel a wonderful sense of general well-being. Also by increasing your metabolic rate, improving lymphatic drainage, and re-booting the hormonal and nervous systems, your body is able to detoxify and lose weight more easily. Although Cryotherapy is not “a stand alone solution” for loosing weight, it can play a very useful role in the process. Via the same mechanism Cryotherapy reduces stress, insomnia and anxiety.


Before the session : Cryotherapy is not dangerous if it is carried out in a rigorous and professional way. For this reason, we ask the client to complete a screening questionnaire, in order to be sure that there are no contra-indications to treatment.  Getting prepared: It is important to avoid taking a shower, bath or doing any  sport for half an hour before the treatment. You must also avoid wearing wet swimsuits, or any metal including jewelry, or piercings. Contact lenses must be removed and you may need to protect any areas particularly sensitive to cold. You will be invited to change into underwear or a swimsuit and will be provided with gloves, slippers, a mask to protect your airways as well as protections for the ears.    The session : You start by penetrating into a first cabin at -20 ° C for a few seconds and then pass into a second at -100 ° C to -120 ° C (for about 3-5 minutes). The transition to intense cold will cause an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body. You will be in continuous visual contact with an operator for the entire session via the large picture window.

After the session: The cold lowers skin temperature significantly via a process of vasoconstriction and this lasts for approximately 30 minutes. After this time you will begin to have a strong sense of muscular relaxation and well-being. To allow the body to re-balance and rehydrate, we will offer you a drink and the chance to rest in our “relaxation” area. Our team will also be available to explain the likely effects of treatment and give you any other information you may need. For many people, the effects are immediate however if you want a more long lasting effect, or if you have a high level of pain or a chronic illness, we recommend a series of sessions.