Ski lift news for Serre Chevalier 2018-19

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Serre Chevalier makes best lift improvement decision in recent years for winter 2018-19

It’s not every year we congratulate Serre Chevalier’s lift company (Compagnie des Alpes) for making a great decision regarding its lifts. Finally some decent ski lift news.

Today we are excited to share the news that 10 million euros will be spent, wisely in our opinion, to replace and reposition the Côte Chevalier chair lift in the Villeneuve sector – a fabulous move that helps intermediate+ skiers remain high and enjoy a smoother journey travelling to the nearest sector of Villeneuve from Monêtier. “This opens up the terrain even more for skiers and boarders to zoom between the different sectors and for our ski coaching clients to get further afield in their two or three hour sessions”, says Gavin Crosby of New Generation Ski School.

The new Côte Chevalier chair lift will depart from a different location, at the intersection between the Bez and Lacets runs (get your piste maps out, or have a look at the Serre Chevalier online map here)! The arrival location will remain the same, at the top of the Rocher de l’Enfer and Echaillon runs.

There is more. The Fréjus chair and the Pré du Bois drag lift will be dismantled and taken away! 17 pylons will be removed and 22 will remain (relocated for the new Côte Chevalier chair). No more icy corner to negotiate for anxious skiers, however without the drag lift, the nearby off piste will not be as easily accessible – a big shame but will hopefully mean that enthusiastic skiers will get more fresh tracks!

Here are the lift company stats published on 9 July 2018 in their press release:

Travelling from Monêtier > Briançon :

Just 5 chairlifts – Bachas, Eychauda, Cucumelle, Côte Chevalier, Prorel

The new lift will move 3000 people per hour compared to just 1800 people per hour currently