Ski Coaching

Group ski courses, private lessons, off-piste adventures and focused technical clinics – New Generation Ski School Serre Chevalier offers all of this and more

Gavin Crosby is a B.A.S.I. ski instructor and ex-examiner. He has been a ski instructor in Serre Chevalier since 2001 when he set up Serre Chevalier’s first British ski school. In 2010, Gavin joined hands with one of the Alps’ favourite ski schools NEW GENERATION to form New Generation Ski School Serre Chevalier and he now works alongside a small team of fully-qualified, English-speaking French and Italian instructors.

You can read the many testimonials that Gavin and his team receive here.

We take direct bookings for our guests and this starts with gathering the right information about you and your skiing experience to ensure your ski school experience is a genuine success.

Please tell us about your ski lesson requirements when making your enquiry:
– names of skiers
– children’s ages
– experience (for children, detail of previous ski school awards/certificates/levels)
– confidence level
– pistes/terrain you last felt comfortable skiing on
– your aspirations for your next skiing trip
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Private Coaching

Private Coaching is one of New Generation’s most popular coaching formats. Your instructor will ski with you one-on-one, or with up to six skiers (for a day ski guiding for example). Prices vary depending on the number of skiers wanting to share a session; we recommend that private ski coaching is limited to four skiers maximum, particularly if you are looking for targeted input on your technique, confidence or winter skills for more experienced skiers.

New Generation Private Coaching Prices
2 hours 149 € (1-2 skiers) *
2.5 hours 179 € (1-2 skiers ) *
3 hours 229 € (1-2 skiers) *
4 hours 279 € (1-2 skiers) *
6 hours 389 € (1-2 skiers)
* Note that there is a supplement of 10 € per hour for each additional skier.

Technical Clinics (2-6 skiers)

Technical Clinics are on offer for adults and teenagers who are ‘intermediates’ and above. Over two sessions, usually in the mornings and on alternate days, skiers enjoy focused attention on their technique and are sent away to ‘do a bit of homework on the mountain’ inbetween the sessions. These clinics can also run as three two-hour sessions starting at 09:15, 11:30 or 14:00 (off-peak only).

New Generation Technical Clinic Prices
8 hours (2 x 4 hours) 169 €
6 hours (3 x 2 hours) 149 €

Intro Sessions (1-5 skiers)

Everyone who has skied a while fancies a little push or challenge to perfect their technique or try something new. New Generation’s Intro sessions do just that. Choose from carving, off-piste, bumps, steeps and avalanche safety. Gather a few members of your family or a small group of friends together to create your own Intro Session!

New Generation Intro Session Prices
3 hours 79 €
Note that the session shortens to 1.5 hours if only one skier books.

Children’s Group Ski Courses (2-8 skiers)

New Generation teach children from six years of age and with a minimum of two skiers and a maximum of six or eight depending on the week (although the average number in a group is just four skiers!) New Generation rewards all of their young skiers with a certificate and Snowlife Awards medal.

New Generation Children’s Group Ski Course Prices
FREERIDE 13 years old+ … 10 hours (5 x 2 hours) 179 €
ROCKETS 6-12 years … 10 hours (5 x 2 hours) 179 €
BOMBERS 6-12 years … 10 hours (5 x 2 hours) 179 €
ARROWS 6-12 years … 10 hours (5 x 2 hours) 179 €
WALLABIES 6-12 years … 10 hours (5 x 2 hours) €
Note that these courses can also run for 12 hours (6 x 2hrs)

Ski Guiding & Off-Piste Adventures

We have a dedicated page about these options. Please click here to read all about them!